Open Systems Association

Current projects are examples of work by the OSA that are in progress or recently completed. Some of the work may be part of a series or ongoing work with indeterminate length.

Critical Computing Workshop, Munich

This project took the form of a two day workshop on the topic of critical computing at The Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) of Munich. OSA member Anna Blumenkranz teaches a module at LMU to media and art pedagogy students involving a variety of open source hardware and software technologies as...

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Everything But the Kitchen

Everything but the Kitchen is a cultural lab articulated as a radical kitchen space. Seven units house critical experiments where members of the public can plug into bodies and their processes, approaching critical thinking and technological tinkering from the perspective of physical engagement. How does our understanding of feedback systems...

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Evil Media Distribution Centre

Members of the Open Systems Association have contributed texts to the Evil Media Distribution Centre, now on display at the 2013 Transmediale festival in Berlin. The installation is an artistic response by YoHa to the recently published book Evil Media (2012) by Matthew Fuller and Andrew Goffey, which focusses on...

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Rebooting Computing

This is an ongoing project which attempts to rethink from the ground up how computing is taught in schools. Responding to the recent scrapping of the ICT curriculum and a renewed focus on teaching programming, OSA is developing strategies to bring out the social and cultural aspects of computing whilst...

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Projects by OSA members

Members of the Open Systems Association have worked on a wide variety of projects in the past. To get a better understanding of what we do and how we collaborate, here are a select few from our members.


Gareth Foote

Wabbitware is a critical software project. It explores the notions of code and its associated practices in domains of the social, legal and technical. Within each software piece is an encoded and embedded subjectivity that raises questions about software’s construction and role at a point when it has never been more pervasive.

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Mark Kauri

An exploration of the disciplines of form and formation. Meandering visions trace an unlikely parallel between the emergence of complex, computational origami, the YouTube ‘unboxing’ phenomena and the expansive passage of the commodity-form.

Uncertain substance

Tom Keene

A speech recognition algorithm searches radio waves for conversations about money. As an ongoing investigation of the Viterbi algorithm, this project seeks to understand the agency of a mathematical entity that operates as structural thread within the fabric of contemporary society.

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The Sundial Project

Olga Panadés Massanet

The Sundial Project, tracks the movements of shadows through intimate spaces. This low-tech system efficiently places the inhabitant of a space within a wider system of bodies in motion (the Sun, the Earth, the bedroom) allowing the artist to tune into the rhythms of this cosmic interactions.

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Lost London

Emilie Giles

Lost London is an exploration into pervasive experiences and urban space, focusing on the forgotten places and networks that exist within the city of London.

 The project invites participants to question their routine journeys and examine their surroundings, the starting point being disused tube stations.

Lost Extensions

Anna Blumenkranz

Lost Extensions is looking for different modes of cognitive and physical extension through technology in the 1940s-60s. What influence did technology have on the generation of that time, which meaning and routines did it generate and how are they different from the ones which affect us today?

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Lightscape Navigator

Olga Panadés Massanet

Lightscape Navigator is a wearable device that transmutes light into vibration. cross-wiring triggers a process of defamiliarisation which is extremely useful when trying to develop alternative modes feeling, allowing the user to rethink her relationship with sunlight anew. This project explores new possibilities for human / non-human interaction.

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I, Bacteria

Stephen Fortune

“I, Bacteria” is a resurrected safety device (a methane whistle), which is coupled to a bacterial bioreactor. It conveys system information through analogue data sonification and explores how we might use technology to relate to our microbiome through registers other than genomic quantification.i

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Flee Immediately!

Renee Carmichael

A Journal that explores Technologies, art and writing in critical and contextual ways. Printed on a double sided A1 sheet, folded down to A5, with different paper, ideas, and conceptual elements to fit each theme, Flee Immediately! is an object to be explored and experimented with from its creation to its reading.

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Renee Carmichael and Ana Palma Silva

Eavesdropping re-proposes a mode of perception of people affected by Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). In the installation, the home becomes a fragmented/blurred space where objects trigger personal testimonies of people with OCD. Eavesdropping is a result of interrogations into the structures of computation and an enriching collaboration with people affected by OCD.

Deep Media Ecologies

Olga Panadés Massanet and Vincent Van Uffelen

Deep Media Ecologies explores the notion of human infraverbal communication. Through a series of speculative media systems the project reveals and enables subtle modes of expression between bodies. Participants are presented with a series of small machines that allow them to tune into streams of intimate transmission.

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A Material Conversation

Alex Jönsson & Miriam Wistreich

A Material Conversation is an interactive installation created specifically for the Feminist Materialisms conference in Copenhagen. Operating in the background of the main conference in the female toilets, the installation re-frames the material process of menstruating from disposal to donation by encouraging menstruators to donate their blood, while registering their data connected to the blood. The collected material is subject to be re-enacted in an edible garden of medical plants.

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200ml of Human Breastmilk

Alex Jönsson

The concept of conversation between bodies is explored through a performance of electronically expressed human breast milk and a subsequent tea serving with the milk. The performance is a direct inquiry into the politics of human breast milk exploring the dissemination of the breastfeeding body across the audience subsequently allowing for the agency of breastmilk to materialise in the bodies as nervous laughter, angry comments, eyes escaping contact, or wonder sighs.

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Absurd Machinations

Cliff Hammett

Absurd Machinations takes the joke outside of its apparent home in language and employs it with heart rate monitors, genetic algorithms and clockwork mechanisms to create crisis-ridden games with the potential to generate new diagrams of politics, performance and play.