Open Systems Association

Critical Computing Workshop, Munich

// Mon Dec 01 2014

This project took the form of a two day workshop on the topic of critical computing at The Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) of Munich.

OSA member Anna Blumenkranz teaches a module at LMU to media and art pedagogy students involving a variety of open source hardware and software technologies as platforms for creative expression and critical thought. Anna invited OSA members Emilie Giles and Gareth Foote to facilitate a 2 day workshop with her on Critical Computing.

Over the 2 days the students were introduced to the physical computing platform Arduino and given the tools and guidance to create a working prototype for presentation at the end of day two.

As an introduction to OSA and the shared principles within our working practices Emilie, Anna and Gareth each produced their own prototype prior to the workshop. These projects were presented and the process of development discussed to explore the playful, speculative and critical methodologies employed.

At the end of day two the students had created three varying prototypes including a soft circuitry heart game in which users have to press the correct button to test their compatibility, a Simon Says style game and an interactive landscape through which different noises play should different objects be attached to it.