Open Systems Association

Rebooting Computing

// Thu Nov 08 2012

This is an ongoing project which attempts to rethink from the ground up how computing is taught in schools. Responding to the recent scrapping of the ICT curriculum and a renewed focus on teaching programming, OSA is developing strategies to bring out the social and cultural aspects of computing whilst teaching code and technical skills. Through this a wider group of students can be engaged beyond those typically interested in IT.

OSA helped to plan and convene the launch of the ‘Rebooting Computing’ programme that took place at Southend-on-Sea in Chalkwell Hall. It is a partnership between Southend Education Trust (SET), Digital Exploration Centre (DEC), also based in Southend, and Goldsmiths’ Centre for Cultural Studies Dept. in London. Members of OSA designed three open-source Arduino projects especially for this hack day. Details can be found in the Rebooting Computing wiki.