Everything but the Kitchen.
Bleaching. Sucking. Feeding. Clocking. Scouring. Tuning.

How many:

sucks to complete a breast milk meal?
litres of water to boil 16 eggs?
applications of skin bleaching agent to erode the dark pigment of human skin?
kilogrammes of millet to sandblast a saucepan?
wave oscillations to transduce the power of a solar storm?
minutes to complete a time use survey?

On the evening of the summer solstice, members of the Open System Association (OSA) will move the familiar framework of the kitchen out from the home or restaurant, and into the experimental project space of Harts Lane Studios. Over 11 hours of material enquiry will explore how time is produced through the relations between physical processes and is restructured through cultural and political techniques. Engineered, commodified and consumed, kitchen time becomes labour time sold as leisure, but could we make it something different? Could we carry with it the wetness, warmth and sheer burning alkalinity of the substances, practices and forces we find within its walls and streaming through its windows?

Everything but the Kitchen tinkers with unseen energies, unrecognised practices and unpaid forms of physical, emotional and material labour which fall outside normative notions of time. It brings together the on-going work of eight artists from OSA within a common frame. With the help of friends and visitors, they will chart the experiences of time and labour in relation to each practice and project. This will serve as a map of the knowledge created and uncovered during 11 hours of embodied speculation, as members of OSA prod and poke at the powers underlying domestic drudgery, sociable seasons and cruel technologies.

Renee Carmichael, Gareth Foote, Cliff Hammett, Manali Jagtap-Nyheim, Alexandra J├Ânsson, Tom Keene, Anila Ladwa, Olga P Massanet

Opening Event: Friday 21 June 2013, 6-9PM
Open: Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 2013, 2-6PM

Harts Lane Studios, 17 Harts Lane, New Cross Gate
London SE14 5UP, Map

The Open Systems Association is an allotment society for the critically curious and the technologically disaffected. Based out of the Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths, it develops experimental methodologies to expose, share and engage with the complex ecologies, brutal control systems and intimate technologies that surround and envelop us.

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