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BODILY BUREAUCRACIES - An OSA Distraction Workshop 13 Dec 2014

// Sat Dec 13 2014

Bodily Bureaucracies is a collectively led workshop exploring what happens to our bodies as they give out data, are affected by data, act through data and are stored as data in different systems.

First we will experiment with how data moves our bodies and our bodies move data. Then, using materials brought by participants, we’ll find ways to open up how types of power are exercised through data.

Bring along your bureaucratic monster. It might be:

-a housing benefits form

-a calorie counting spreadsheet

-your internet history

-your oyster record

-a nursery accident report

-or something else!

The systems we engage with can relate to sensitive issues, so please only bring material that you are happy to share in a group setting.

Time and place Saturday 13th December 12.00-2.00pm The Common House, 5E Punderson’s Gardens, London E2 9QG.

Common House is wheelchair accessible, but unfortunately the toilet isn’t yet. Kids of all ages are welcome and are encouraged to bring forms or systems they are affected by.

bodily bureaucracies flyer

About the groups involved This workshop is part of the OSA Distraction Clinic project, an ongoing investigation into technologies and practices that concern attention, bodies and power.

Open Systems Association (OSA) is an allotment society for the critically curious and the technologically disaffected.

Autonomous Tech Fetish is part of Common House. They probe how technology is fetishised and work with activists to affirm their technological autonomy.