Open Systems Association

THIS IS A DISTRACTION: an open discussion about attention, bodies and digital technology

// Wed Oct 08 2014

The Open Systems Association is hosting an informal discussion event on distraction, health and computational culture. It’s the start of a project on ideas and practices around attention, bodies and power. All are welcome. Come along, listen and share your ideas!

How it will work: Everyone has a chance to give a short five minute talk on the topic from their own perspective. All forms of knowledge, expertise and experience are welcome. We keep on discussing, or go have some drinks!

Possible topics (final topics to be decided on the night): What is distraction? How does digital media affect to our bodies? Can a software algorithm be distracted? How do digital distractions relate to biopolitics? The commons? Software design? Ecology? How do different technologies act on, with, against or through our attention?

Where and When: Wednesday 8th October 7-9pm. Look Mum No Hands, 49 Old Street, London. EC1V 9HX

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